Real Ramen in Boston?

Eating RamenYume Wo Katare in Cambridge, Massachusetts serves some of the best Ramen in the Boston area. This place takes their ramen very seriously. All you can order here is ramen and a small selection of beverages.

This place is hyped up, with ……’s authentic, it’s tasty, and it’s fun!

Ramen Line

The place is currently only opened at night from Tue. – Sat. and people start lining up outside of this small 16 seat restaurant. The line can get long, real long, I heard some of my friends had waited up to 2 hours. before they ate, fortunately I only waited for 43 minutes. The place tries to stay authentic by letting patrons know they will speak to you in Japanese, like by asking if you would like extra toppings, which in case all you have to do is say yes or no. Everyone that works there will greet you in Japanese when you enter the place, and they will all send you off when you leave (It’s a similar experience in Japan).

ramen rulesramen rules 2

The Ramen is the highlight at this place. It’s a big bowl, two choices, one with 2 pieces of meat $12, or with 5 pieces $14. I am told the noodles are hand-made on site, which gives it a unique texture and flavor. This ramen is not the same thing that you get in a package at the stores. This ramen, the noodles are wider, thick, straight and long. They have a beautiful soft chewy bite to them. The broth is light, with a very flavorful pork and deep soy flavor, sorry no miso for you traditionalists. The broth can have a full or heavy feel because it is very greasy (especially if you get extra pork fat), but the secret to the dish’s flavor is from that pork fat! The dish is topped with slices of delicious marinated pork belly and pork shoulder, and is finished with cabbage, bean sprouts and a scoop of minced garlic.

Ramen Bowl

Ramen BaconNot authentic but a cool place to go with a couple of friends, make it an event and enjoy a really good bowl of noodles, just not a dish you should have all the time because it is probably very high in calories. Staying long is not encouraged at this place because there is a line of people waiting behind you and there is no restrooms, the closest restroom is around the corner in Dunkin Donuts, just buy something. Plus you might want to buy something to get rid of that garlic breath! Overall Yume Wo Katare is a really nice addition to the Boston area restaurants.

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    • Yes I had the wonderful opportunity to goto Japan and Okinawa a few years ago. I am a huge ramen fan and it is interesting to taste all the different varieties. I do think this place is the best of Boston for ramen.

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